Soot Identification

Soot damage may or may not be the result of a puff-back.  Soot damage or also (based upon origin) termed a “puff-backs” can be very costly to clean-up and many insurance companies are refusing to pay for the clean-up cost unless the soot origin can be verified.

Bob Hawley from Environmental AirTechs has been conducting soot investigations for over 24 years.  He has been a crucial part in determining the cause and origin in numerous claims as well the reference procedure when the carrier and insured disagree as to cause, origin, and clean-up cost.   Mr. Hawley has successfully conducted peer review of professional engineers (PE’s) and certified industrial hygienist (CIH’s) who seem to lack building sciences.  This lack of knowledge may result in an improper diagnose.

There are many sources associated with soot dispercement and many can be adverted.  If the clean-up is conducted and no understanding of how to prevent another occurance you may be revisting another unpleasant soot condition.  If you are the insured or the insurer and are not sure of the cause and origin of the soot or puff-back call Environmental AirTechs to help determine the cause and origin.

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