Odor Detection

Odor detection can be the most challenging aspect of indoor air quality investigations.   Why, because odors are subjective and many other factors can influences odor concentrations.  Odors may range from animal decay, unexpected sewer gas release from plumbing systems, hidden microbial growth, to improperly stored chemicals.

Common question: Is air quality sampling always necessary?

Answer: No; many odors can be determined with the right techniques and understanding of odor migration. Air sampling may be one of the tools necessary and should not be eliminated.

Years of experience as well a good understanding of building construction, science, and mechanicals are most beneficial in the detection process.  If odor detection were an easy task, many more consultants would be able to determine the source of these more difficult investigation. Odor investigations are an art as well a science.

Bob Hawley has successfully determined the origin of numerous odors throughout his career as an investigator.  If your home or building is suffering from an undetermined odor, call Bob Hawley @ Environmental AirTechs @ 413-391-0342 to set up an appointment.