Mold Remediation

Mold remediation may require a complex strategy in order to eliminate a mold or moldy condition. A basic understanding of building science is a must. Building systems and assemblies play an important role in proper elimination of microbial damage.

In this economy, many contractors are hiring low paid help in order to increase profits. Insurance companies have placed limits on mold removal. Water loss, fire damage, and elevated moisture conditions play an important role in mold proliferation.

Many companies are presenting ABC’s as professional certifications. Professional certifications are not offered by the one teaching the class for a fee. This is what has been happening and the public has gone unaware.

Before you hire a mold remediation contractor be sure they possess professional microbial or mold remediation certifications and not merely a assessment based certificate (ABC). Assessment based certificates are those companies who demand the candidate must sit in classes it offers. The company offering the certificate is also the company assessing the technician either by a short term memory test, many times the test questions have been gone over in the classroom environment, or simply offered the certificate as a result of attendance.

A professional certification is based upon industry knowledge, is not associated with training or classes offered by the accrediting body, and is third party accredited. The ACAC (formerly the American Indoor Air Quality Council) certifications require 40 continuing education credits every two years.

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