Mold: Investigations & Inspections

Water damage or elevated moisture condition will attribute to mold and bacteria as well any microbial byproducts. Many consultants just look for mold when bacteria is just as much a problem or even more so. If there is not a moisture problem, there will not be a mold or bacteria problem.

Mold and other fungal growth indoors is always associated with a water or moisture problem. To investigate the cause and origin of a microbial growth problem and to properly correct it, one must identify the underlying moisture conditions responsible for the growth.

Environmental AirTechs can provide detailed reports of water damage or evidence of microbial growth and/or its byproducts when documentation is necessary for “third party” claims (trail support, insurance claims, or landlord-tenant disputes, etc.). Evaluation of potential occupant exposure to microbial contaminants can be used to make practical recommendations for proper remedial measures to minimize occupant and worker exposure in following current professional standards and guidelines.

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