Moisture and Leak Detection

Unexpected moisture conditions as well water damage can be very costly and result in other costly repairs when left unaddressed.   Mr. Hawley has been conducting moisture investigation for over 24 years.  Bob Hawley is a Certified Building Science Thermograhper (CBST) and is certified as an Advanced Drying Specialist (ADI-II).

Unaddressed moisture condition can turn into a microbial conditions.   Such conditions can result in occupancy discomforts as confirmed by the US-EPA.  These discomforts can turn into lost wages and revenue to the employer.  Improper drying can lead to the same end.   Many drying contractors are drying for three days because that is all they can charge.  The end result may become a microbial condition.  This condition may not become realized until a future point in time.   Drying confirmation may no longer be determinable.   Detection and verification of the drying process is critical to the health of the occupants and the health of the building.

If you have suffered a water loss and would like third party verification that the drying process was successful call Environmental AirTechs at 413-391-0342.