Insurance Claim Support

Bob Hawley, a licensed general contractor, has been in the construction/remodeling fields for over 28 years. Due to economic conditions, many buildings and homes are being repaired ignoring the laws of the jurisdiction they work in. repairs are being completed under tight or dictated budgets; resulting in unskilled labor, corners being cut, or compromised materials being installed. Many times this may result in moisture intrusion or VOC’s being emitted (or also called off-gassing). These VOC’s may become irritants to certain populations causing them unable to live in their homes or condos.

When hiring our experts who have proven themselves and exhibit a broad range of construction, remodeling, fire, water, wind, soot, and microbial and thermal imaging experience, plus certifications in a variety of indoor air quality issues, as well understanding what is required in order to properly restore the loss to the pre-loss condition, our experts are able to properly develop a plan of action, scope of work, specifications, as well properly generate an estimate which better reflects the actual repair cost. Environmental AirTechs is your best choice when it comes to insurance claim repairs and support. Our experts have made handling construction and insurance claims their greatest value to our clients. Environmental AirTechs has handled claims exceeding 500,000 – 1, 000,000.00 dollars. These claims may involve although are not limited to one or more of the following: construction defects, boiler malfunctions, soot claims, water damage, improper material applications, mold (microbial) damage, and more.

Many experts have a particular focus, Environmental AirTechs staff consist of a broad range of experience and has one of the few who are able to bring all of the various parts of the puzzle together. Many times the opposing sides will hire an engineer or a CIH to strengthen their position. They use these credentialed individuals to intimidate the claimant(s). Though our staff are neither engineers nor a CIHs, because of the broad range of knowledge, experience, and ability to understand the various aspects surrounding building construction Environmental AirTechs has help bring our clients the needed support in resolving building defects issues or claim issues. If you are in need of support, do not hesitate to call 413-391-0342.