Insurance Claim Support

Our certified professionals are committed to serving our clients and will do whatever it takes to determine the cause of loss as well determine the limit and/or extend of the damage. If your claim includes or may include microbial damage our Council-certified Microbial Claims Adjuster has over 28 years of handling all aspects of insurance claims, i.e. water, fire, ice, wind, snow, and microbial damage claims. With a broad range of investigative, scope determination, and estimation writing experience our staff has one of the most broadest experiences available including remodeling and building experience unlike other firms. Our staff is able to monitor the process and progress as well generate a report for your review.

Without proper and quick techniques utilized, superficially the claim or damage may appear to have been resolved – yet after a period of time you may be revisiting the damage again. This time, who will pay for repairs? It is always in your best interest of our clients to have a professional from Environmental AirTechs, who truly is able to protect your investment, to come on board early rather than after the damage is rediscovered.

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