Cause of Lost Determination / Verification

When it comes to disputes over cause of loss, Bob Hawley of Environmental AirTechs has over 24 years of conducting cause of loss investigations, inspections, and evaluations. His experience includes, although not limited to, damage(s) involving: roofs, siding, framing, electrical, water, weight of snow and ice, ice damming, fire, smoke, soot (aka puff back), mechanical and building defects, manufacture defects, parts failure, boiler damage, hot water tank leaks, and so much more.

Bob is proficient in this unique discipline and works well with others when team building is required. Bob has worked on claim projects reaching over $520,000.00. There are many aspects of a loss and understanding various aspects of the loss are equally important. Bob’s experience goes beyond just determining “cause and origin.” His experience includes, although again is not limited to: mitigation, remediation, and restorative cost.

With a broad range of knowledge and over 30 plus experience with inspecting property damage, insurance loss, associated demolition, mitigation, remediation, and restorative estimations, Mr. Hawley is fully equipped to investigate any cause of loss questions. Bob Hawley holds certifications and years of field and office experience in various disciplines including but not limited to:


  • Indoor Air Quality Consulting,
  • Indoor Air Quality Evaluations;
  • Indoor Air Quality Sampling & Testing;
  • Microbial Sampling & Testing;
  • Microbial Consulting;
  • Microbial Inspections;
  • Microbial Claims Adjusting;
  • Microbial Remediation;
  • Infrared Inspections and Evaluations; and,
  • Heat Loss;
  • Washer Leak Overflow Inspections;
  • Advanced Drying of Complex Building Materials;
  • Price Comparison;
  • Water Damage Pricing;
  • Adjuster Differing On Scope of Work;
  • Location of Cold Surfaces;
  • Insulation Efficiencies;
  • Fire, Water, Moisture, Microbial Damage
  • Inspection & Determination Relation to A Collapse Loss;
  • Building defects;
  • Roof Damage;
  • Wind Damage;
  • Ice Damage;
  • Condensation;
  • Air Conditioner And Moisture Damage;
  • Pets Damage;
  • Squirrel Damage;
  • Termite Damage;
  • Report Writing;
  • Licensed General Contractor.
  • Writing Property Loss Estimates For Over 30 Years
  • Report Writing
  • Peer Review (Second Opinion(s));
  • Framing Inspections & Repairs;
  • Roof inspections & Repairs;
  • Window and Door Installations & Repairs;
  • Siding Installations & Repair;
  • Insulation Installation & Repairs;
  • Vapor Barrier Installation & Repairs;
  • Trial Support; and
  • Expert Witness

    Professional Licenses:

  • Massachusetts Unrestricted General Contractors License;
  • Massachusetts Real Estate Salesman;

If your loss or claim involves microbial damage, call Environmental AirTechs at 413-391-0342 to help you determine the cause of your property damage and that the damage is being restore properly.