“Certified” According To The ANSI/NOCA 1100

Know “before you hire” is your Consultant or Remediation Contractor “REALLY CERTIFIED” or is what they are calling “certified” really an “ASSESSMENT BASED CERTIFICATE”? There is a “BIG” difference!

Listen below to an important message From Adam Andrews:


NOCA 1100, Introduction: In January 2009 NOCA published its “Standard 1100″, “Standard for Assessment-based Certificate Programs.”

On March 25, 2009 ANSI approved the NOCA 1100 standard. Among the purposes of the standard is "to aid stakeholders in gaining a better understanding of the distinctions between assessment-based certificate programs, … and professional or personnel certification programs."

According to the standard, a "certificate" program performs three functions:

1. Provides a training course.

2. Gives a test on course content.

3. Awards a certificate only to those who pass the
required course/test.

Those who complete a “certificate” program may “NOT” use acronyms or letters after their names, nor may they use the word “certified” in describing their credential.

By contrast, a professional " certification" program performs two functions:

1. Delivers an assessment which is based on industry knowledge, independent from training courses or course providers.

2. Grants a time-limited credential to those who meet the assessment standards.

Those who complete a professional certification program use acronyms and letters after their names and use the word "certified" in describing their credential.

Certification programs that qualify as such according to Standard 1100 include designations offered by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH), the Institute for Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM) and the American Indoor Air Quality Council (AmIAQ).