Air & Surface Sampling

Sampling is “ONLY” a tool and must not be considered the only part that tells the story. Many other factors must be consider before sampling is even considered. A high school student could be trained to take samples – if the equipment were available. Sampling is a strategy and a means of proving or dis-proving a hypothesis.  More and more consultants are sampling and the sampling techniques and results are similar to or as if you went on a lake with a butterfly net to determine if there were any butterflies outside. There results are there are no butterflies – and the complaint goes unresolved ending in greater cost, loss of property, or valuable skills to your competitors.

Many labs (who professional consultants would not recommend) are peddling their goods directly to the general public hoping the general public will purchase their services.  They offer pumps that are not always adequate to determine environmental conditions as well rely upon the purchaser to conduct the collection process. Such collection processes would be be flawed and bias at best. These samples are not likely to survive submission to the other side. Would you accept a bias sample offered by a non-professional?

It takes an experienced consultant to determine when and where to sample as well why the samples are being collected.   Without a proper understanding of the sample collection conditions, methods, strengths and weakness of the chosen media and associated sampling equipment; your result (more likely than not) will be useless when challenged.  We do no0t believe our clients who are considering spending time and money to determine the cause and origin of poor indoor air quality or damage to property is willing to start all over again.

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