Air Quality Investigations

Bob Hawley, founder of Environmental AirTechs, has been offering indoor air quality investigations and air quality sampling from 2001 to date. He has been performing investigations of building related and building damage complaints from 1984 to date. Such complaints were related to commercial and residential buildings.

Unlike many other consultants who tend to be strong in one area or another, Mr. Hawley has a broad range of knowledge and experience from building construction, building assemblies, communication between building spaces, air sampling, air quality investigations, interpretation of lab results, water damage and water damage impacts on the remaining building and associated air quality, advanced drying techniques, thermal imaging (infrared) and so much more.

Mr. Hawley holds a general contractor’s license and numerous advanced certifications in microbial investigations, indoor air quality consulting and sampling, remediation, and microbial insurance claims investigations with the American Indoor Air Quality Council and advanced water mitigation certifications with the American Drying Institute (ADI).

This broad knowledge and experience has been an asset to his clients over the years as so many complaints are related to building damage to poor building design, construction techniques, improper fabrication or installations, and lack of moisture barriers, etc.

If you are experiencing what you believe to be poor indoor air quality conditions within your home or workplace, contact Bob Hawley from Environmental AirTechs at 413-391-0342 or or click “Here” and fill out the appointment form.