About Environmental AirTechs

Environmental AirTechs is an indoor air quality consulting and investigative company with a broad range of building knowledge and indoor air quality. Environmental AirTechs was founded in 2001 as a result of dealing with unexpected building casualties and resulting air quality complaints. Hence, air quality issues were on the rise.

Indoor air quality issues can affect the work environment and effect health and safety of the occupants or your employees during and/or after damage to your building or mechanical system(s) has occurred. In some situations, aging or faulty mechanical equipment may have an impact upon air quality.

The work force is an important aspect of a companies resources. Absenteeism results in loss of wages and revenue to the employer. If you are experiencing what you feel may be a building related exposure, excess moisture conditions, or simply poor air quality call Environmental AirTechs @ 413-569-8890 to schedule an evaluation or click ” Here” and fill out the appointment form.